Episode 40

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10th Jun 2024

40: Sidereal Astrology Forecast June 10-16

Welcome to the latest episode of the Cosmic Mystic Podcast! This week, we explore the cosmic energy from June 10-16, delving into powerful planetary transits that will shape our experiences. Join us as we uncover how these cosmic movements can guide you toward personal growth, transformation, and alignment.

Sun Transits

The Sun conjunct Venus from May 13 to June 26 brings the full expression of love, affection, and creativity. Feel beautiful, radiate positive energy, and attract wonderful things into your life. This is an excellent time for hosting events and enjoying financial success. However, with Sun square Saturn from June 2 to June 14, you may face challenges and restrictions. Achieving goals could feel tougher, and you might experience increased pressure and feelings of rejection. Demonstrating patience and responsibility is crucial during this period. Additionally, from June 13 to June 25, Sun square Neptune can weaken vitality and cause confusion and disappointment. This transit may lead to feelings of insecurity and deception in relationships. On a positive note, Sun sextile Chiron from June 7 to June 19 is ideal for tapping into your potential as a healer, artist, and leader. This transit encourages working through old traumas and becoming a role model for others.

Follow the Moon This Week

  • Mon: Cancer - Focus on self-care, emotional work, and nurturing your community.
  • Tues-Thurs: Leo - Embrace visibility, leadership, and your inner child. Make an offer.
  • Fri-Sun Afternoon: Virgo - Get organized, streamline processes, and tackle tasks efficiently.
  • Sat: Libra - Seek balance and harmony, and take on quick research tasks.

Mercury Transits

Mercury sextile Chiron from June 11 to July 1 offers a chance for deep introspection and healing. Communication becomes a tool for sharing vulnerabilities and building connections. From June 11 to June 23, Mercury conjunct Venus makes interactions more harmonious and pleasant, perfect for socializing and expressing love. On June 14, Mercury moves into Gemini, enhancing communication, curiosity, and mental agility. This period encourages quick thinking and intellectual engagement, though it may also bring heightened nervous energy and distractibility.

Mars Transits:

Mars square Pluto from June 3 to June 18 brings power struggles and confrontations. You may face challenges from others trying to dominate or intimidate you. It's essential to find a physical release for this intense energy to avoid conflicts.

Venus Transits:

From June 12 to July 7, Venus in Gemini stimulates vibrant and engaging communication. This transit fosters intellectual connections and deep conversations, making it a great time for flirting and exploring new relationships. Venus in Gemini encourages spontaneity and self-discovery, focusing on enjoying life and forming meaningful connections.

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Thank you for joining us on this cosmic journey! Embrace the energies of this week and let them guide you toward personal transformation and growth.

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